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Brazilian Carneval Edition & Free Brazilian Dance Classes

Brazilian Carneval Edition & Free Brazilian Dance Classes

07. Marzo 2017 19:15

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El Patio de Nando Ungargasse 8, 1030 Wien

Brazilian Carneval Edition & Free Brazilian Dance Classes

We would like to invite you and your friends to this amazing Event "Brazilian Carneval Edition with FREE Brazilian Dance Classes" with the international Artists from Rio de Janeiro Latiff & Sepideh.


Please send your Registration to fix your FREE spot for the Classes to:

-) No Partner needed
-) comfortable shoes
-) good energy

-) 1030 Vienna - El Patio de Nando
Ungargasse 8 ( Close to U3 Landstrasse )

We are looking forward to see you all and having fun together

Latiff & Sepideh
Brazil Vienna & Ipanema Zouk

- ) BRAZILIAN ZOUK is a social partner dance born in Brazil, nowadays danced to Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop & other music containing the Zouk beats. Leading & Following in Zouk is executed not only by hands but also by connection between the bodies, what makes this dance so smooth, sensual & beautiful. Brazilian Zouk has become popular within a few years and continues to conquer more & more dancers from all over the world.

-) SAMBA DE GAFIEIRA is real Carioca. This means that our dance is originally from Rio de Janeiro. It's a couples social dance.They began to dance in places that were called gafieras. Thats why the dance was called samba de gafieira, which literally means "Samba from gafieira".
A new style of dance incorporates elements of the maxixe and the Argentine tango, and performed under the expensive heart of the Brazilian rhythms of the Samba. The dance quickly gained popularity in Rio and later spread across the country.
Over the years, samba de gafieira has acquired an amazing visual appeal due to unusual technique and acrobatic elements executed at a rapid pace but without sacrificing elegance.

-) FORRÓ is the most popular genre of music and dance in Brazil's Northeast, to the extent that historically "going to the Forró" meant simply going to party or going out. Regarding the music, it is based on a combination of three instruments (accordion, zabumba and a metal triangle). The dance however becomes very different as you cross the borders of the Northeast into the Southeast. As part of the popular culture it is in constant change. The dance known as college forró is the most common style between the middle-class students of colleges and universities in the Southeast, having influences of other dances like salsa and samba-rock.

The traditional music used to dance the forró was brought to the Southeast from the Northeast by Luiz Gonzaga, who transformed the baião (a word originated from baiano and assigned a warm-up for artists to search for inspiration before playing) into a more sophisticated rhythm. In later years, forró achieved popularity throughout Brazil, in the form of a slower genre known as xote, that has been influenced by pop-rock music to become more acceptable by Brazilian youth of Southeast, South and Central regions.


★ BRAZIL VIENNA - Ipanema Zouk:
We are an officially registered association.
Brazil Vienna & Ipanema Zouk organizes Zouk and Samba Events and hosts weekly zouk and samba parties.
Brazil Vienna & Ipanema Zouk main goal and purpose is to cultivate the zouk and samba dance scene in Vienna and further its growth by working in conjunction with Brazilian artists and teachers and bringing a bit of Brazilian culture to Vienna.

Rafael Latiff & Sepideh Latiff are professional dance teachers in Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafiera, Samba Funkeado and Forró.

Rafael Latiff was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been dancing since he was 12 years old and startet with Brazilian Zouk already with 14 years old.
He has studied contemporary, salsa, hip hop and bolero to complete his dancing.
He focused on Brazilian Zouk, traditional Samba de Gafieira and Samba Funkeado, and started his career as a certificadet dance Instructor at the most famous Zouk school in Rio, Núcleo de Danca Renata Pecanha.

Rafael Latiff have a lot of diffrent Technique Knowleges of Brazilian Zouk like traditional Zouk ,Neo Zouk ,Flow Zouk and RNB Zouk which he is dancing and teaching.

Afterwards he was a teacher at Jimmy de Oliveira´s school and part of his dance company. From this time on he has been giving traditional Samba de Gafieira as well as Samba Funkeado classes. He taught at numerous Congresses and gave Workshops all over Brazil and Europe. He made the 1st place at the Championship in Brasilia at the Capital Zouk Congress as well as at the Festival de Dancas Liceu and the Festival de Dancas Cabo Frio and the 4th place at the Championship at the Rio Zouk Congress from Renata Pecanha.

Sepideh has been dancing Zouk since 2012 and started her dance career in 2015 as an professional international teacher after being trained by Rafael Latiff in Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Forró and Samba Funkeado. She also has dance experience in L.A. Style Salsa and other Latin dances and completed her knowledge with classes in ballet, contemporary and jazz dance.
She taught at numerous Congresses and Workshops all over Europe and Brazil.

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