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Aïmenda Duo Concert Tour - Vienna

Konzerte & Live-Musik
Datum: So, 28. Okt 2018 20:00

Veranstaltungsort: Little Stage  |  Stadt: Vienna

Aimenda is a project of two musicians as they could not be more different -  singer Laura Lenhardt from Weimar (Germany) and guitarist Marco Antonio da Costa from Natal (northeastern Brazil). Their music is a transatlantic conglomeration of different musical traditions, which cleverly incorporate them into a common language between the spherical soundscapes of jazz and Brazilian music.

It is about the "fusion of opposites, the powerful yet fragile delicacy of the voice and multi-faceted guitar sound that is sometimes melancholic sometimes spirited." With their compositions, arrangements and lyrics with English and Portugese texts, they "dedicate themselves to the delicate and traditional art of duo play - a dialogue between two musicians in intimate transparency that holds its own form of freedom and compexity." (www.aimenda.com)

"...a document on the art of interaction, the art of listening and giving each other his/her rightful space, a little melodic landscape that makes you pause for an introspective moment..." (Lisa Bassenge)

Line up: Laura Lenhardt - vocals

Marco Antonio da Costa - guitar

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2184912995130409/

Websites: www.aimenda.com





Ramperstorffergasse 66, 1050




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  • So, 28. Okt 2018 20:00

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