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The Vienna Workshop Gallery: Maximilian Seeböck

Datum: So, 7. Mai 2017 12:00

Maximilian Seeböck is a Viennese contemporary landscape painter whose paintings invite the observer to slow down and take another look. If at first glance his paintings may seem naive, they are constructed upon several layers and reveal countless details, stories and secrets. It would do Seeböck an injustice to regard him as purely self-taught. Despite having revealed an innate talent for his craft at the age of 5, he continued his learning with his father (author, actor, painter and writer Herwig Seeböck) who introduced him to the secrets of the masterful artists of the Dutch School of painting. His approach to art is based both on impressions from tropical and subtropical landscapes experienced with the critical acumen of a botanist and gardener, as well as on those reflected through the eyes and heart of a painter.
The Vienna Workshop Gallery is proud of relaunching Maximilian Seeböck in the Viennese scene, after years where his work could only be found in Antigua, Monaco and Poland.
Beside the originals, SIGNED LIMITED EDITIONS will be offered at affordable prices.
From April 28th up to the Finissage on May 19th!
Opening time: 12:00-18:00


Laudongasse 9




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  • So, 7. Mai 2017 12:00

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