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Valéria Oliveira - Mirá

Konzerte & Live-Musik
Datum: Sa, 7. Jul 2018 22:00

Veranstaltungsort: Fania Live, Gürtelline 22-23, 1080 Wien  |  Stadt: Vienna, Austria

Valéria Olivera, famous singer from the northeast of Brazil, is visiting Vienna for a short side trip after presenting her new album at Montreux Jazz festival! The audience is looking foward to an evening of Samba! - sung with a wonderfully fine tuned and powerful voice and supported by bandolin , guitar and bass, saxophone, flute and drums it’s gonna be a dancing night at Fania Live!

“MIRÁ” is the recent CD of Valéria Oliveira, Brazilian singer and songwriter. Born in Natal, Valéria grew up surrounded by the sounds of cavaquinho and tambourine that echoed from the rehearsals of the Samba Schools. This must be the reason why “Mirá” comes with such southeastern identity in its instruments, but also with the spice of Valeria’s northeastern accent in each verse.
After presenting Mirá at Brasil Boat/Montreux Festival, Valéria comes to Austria to show what “Mirá” really is!



Gürtellinie 22-23, 1080
Vienna, Austria




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  • Sa, 7. Jul 2018 22:00

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